Quality, professionalism and sustainability

As service providers, we design, develop and produce ecological products and sustainable solutions for various areas, including ecological cleaning agents, building materials and textile equipment, etc.m.

Our team draws on decades of experience in process engineering in the field of bio- and environmental chemistry and a large network of experts from science, technology and business. With innovative competence, we develop high-quality concepts and tailor-made solutions for the respective tasks.

The focus of our daily work is the partnership and trusting cooperation with our customers and partners, who appreciate our reliability as well as our high degree of flexibility and fast decision-making processes.

The basis of our work is our great sense of responsibility for the careful use of natural resources and the improvement of sustainability in ecological, economic and social terms.

Responsibility for people, nature and the environment

Hygiene and cleanliness play a major role in our lives and accompany us almost everywhere. While for a long time organic products have hardly been a competition for conventional chemical products, sustainability and ecological awareness are becoming increasingly important in our society. More and more companies are trying to significantly improve their ecological orientation and thus their ecological footprint with environmentally friendly products.  

A particular concern is the development of safe, environmentally sound quality products using high-quality ingredients in harmony with the environment, nature and people. 

Our aim in product development is to continuously develop environmental protection and sustainability in all processes, from raw material purchasing to production, logistics and product application at the end customer. 

We offer our customers customized and holistic solutions.  

Due to the many advantages, we therefore focus, among other things, on the development of concentrates. High concentrates significantly reduce the consumption of resources, packaging material and transport volume, and they offer a great incentive in terms of price. 

Ideas, impulses and synergies

We have a highly competent network of specialists from the fields of science, business and technology that has grown over many years. In the field of biotechnology and microbiology in particular, great potential has developed in recent years, which is increasingly being used in advanced products. We are in constant contact with manufacturers of innovative raw materials in order to incorporate the latest scientific knowledge into our product development. Process engineers, machine builders as well as manufacturers of control and dosing technologies are at our side for advice on complex tasks. Together, we develop solution-oriented products and systems. 

We advise our customers on the selection of competent producers for the respective product requirements up to complete solutions.