Our range of services

With our team of competences, we support small and medium-sized companies for which we optimize recipes on behalf of our behalf and develop products in particular ecological cleaners, chemically technical products and special products. 

As a partner, we work in the research of innovative raw materials, technologies and process technology.  

We have a broad product portfolio, which we also offer as a private label.


  • fermented biotensides, algae surfactants, biotensides from microbial biomass, vegetable surfactants
  • Odour and pollutant adsorbs
  • Foaming clay on the basis of animal and vegetable raw materials, e.g. for use in concrete foams
  • biological foam cleaners, LC technology (long-cling technology); TFC technology (Thin Film Cleaning)
  • biological CIP cleaners for the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries
  • organic solvents and gel cleaners


  • Development of new products to market maturity
  • Optimization of existing recipes
  • Incorporation of modern and “green” raw materials
  • Development of new product concepts
  • Exchange of raw materials for cost optimization


• Process engineering

• Process optimization

• Product optimization

• Fields of application of innovative raw materials

• Patenting and licensing of new developments


• Manufacture of samples and prototypes

• Manufacture of small and medium sample product batches up to 1.2 cbm

• Mediation of competent manufacturers and contract producers

• Creating new logos, labels for private labels

• Placement of competent contract fillers also for small series

Our fields of activity

We develop product lines for the “Green”

• Leading independent manufacturers of detergents and disinfectants

• Distributors of organic detergents

• Manufacturers and distributors of industrial cleaning equipment and cleaning equipment

We advise

• Manufacturers of biodegradable biotensides

• Research and development companies of products, applications and/or formulations in the field of industrial cleaning

• Distributor of biological cleaning agents

We are looking with our customers for solutions for special requirements, e.g. for

• Railway undertakings

• Market leader for highly protected wheeled and tracked vehicles

• Manufacturers of pressure equipment

• Manufacturer of control and automation technology

• Waste management companies

• Manufacturer of dosing technology

• Professional fire brigades

• Wastewater treatment plants

Our product portfolio

• Universal, general-purpose, industrial, system cleaner

• Foam cleaner for the agricultural sector, among others

• Label-free and skin-friendly grease and lubricant dissolvers based on natural solvents and aqueous systems

• Special cleaners for soil remediation, in-situ process, flotation, oil removal

• DOS system cleaner for drain systems in commercial kitchens

• Skin-friendly hand and surface disinfectants based on natural polymers

• Textile equipment, textile deo

• Ecological detergent and washing boosters

• Products for the elimination and binding of harmful and odours

• Foaming for the construction industry, among others